Monday, February 13, 2012

Taste of Shanghai

Our mate was visiting from London. Since we live in the inner city, we thought we'd show him the real Sydney so we took him to dinner in Ashfield.

Taste of Shanghai has been one of our favourite spots for years. Hands down, some of the best dumplings in Sydney. Although, Din Tai Fung is way up there too. I have yet to decide which of the two is my favourite.

Love the authenticity of a menu in a language I can't read. It means I'll be surprised.

Even so, Taste of Shanghai caters to the round eyes by having an English menu and large signage with pictures hanging from the ceiling.

My setting was in place, ready for the feast that awaited us.

Pork dumplings with soupy goodness ready to ouze out and scald you.

 Pork dumpling torn open with its soup in the spoon. Eat them quick before others do!

 Veg and meat dumplings in chili sauce.

 A bit of extra dumpling casing on these, but also delicious!

My favourite entrée is the dough stick.

Egg pancake with deep fried dough stick. Fatso heaven. Dipped in its special sauce. Yum yum yummety yum.

Dumplings with fish roe. These were my least favourite, but not bad.

Pan fried dumplings.

And the inside of the pan fried dumplings.

If you feel like Barramundi, pick your fish and go for it.

Although the crab illustration was very inticing, we didn't order it this time.

Chilli chicken with capsicum, peanuts and onion pieces. The chillies are whole, roasted and hot. Oh mama!

Shanghai style pan fried pork dumplings. These puppies have the soup in them also!

The result was an $83 bill for five adults, including one too many plates ordered. Great deal, fab quality, quick service and most importanly, delicious! See you soon dough stick, see you soon.

Taste of Shanghai
264 Liverpool Road
T: 02 9798 2877

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  1. Great post Ange, while reading I could actually hear you say it. haha fatso heaven – love it! xxx Patti

  2. Angie, I just adore yoru photos. In this instance, you have beautifully cpatured the essence and soul of what's inside those dumplings, rolls and stir fires. Keep up the good work, cheers Kevin from Kindly