Saturday, February 18, 2012


Try pronouncing that. This cafes name takes after the cylindrical Hungarian pastry, so one of the very friendly wait staff informs me. I haven't been to Hungary yet. When I consider going, I get an image of the limping Verbal Kint from The Usual Suspects. Who is Keyser Söze anyway?
At first glance, this place reminded me of a German bakery.

I wonder if these people know the said pastry probably originated in Transylvania. Makes sense, they're supposed to be mounted on a stick and cooked on a rotisserie. Dracula liked to put heads on sticks. So why not pastry?

I don't try the pastry. It's like 10pm after a movie at the Ritz Cinema Randwick (my fave retro theatre in Sydney) so it's too late for carbs. Although, they did have samples to try. On second thought, I regret it.

Been keen to check out the decor and coffee for a while now, so took full advantage, snapping pics on my mobile, until a not so friendly wait person (him on the left) advised photography was not allowed. Whatever dude. I'm opening a Romanian bakery in my living room.

They have lots of pastries to choose from, specialising in Eastern European fare. As well as mini chocolate croissants. Strange. Not sure how they fit in.

The decor although appealing from a glance, once seated, I felt uneasy about. All that marble, yellow lighting and silver cleanliness, felt like someone with a butcher's knife was going to run out and hack me to pieces. I think I've seen The Usual Suspects too many times.

I liked the crusty spoon, it reminded me of the touristy spoons my mum bought from Russia in 1988. Coffee was good.

It's cool to see more funky places opening up at The Spot, I love this little pocket in Sydney!

20B-20C St Pauls Street
T: (02) 9399 8412

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