Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Year of the Dragon & {Archive: Hong Kong}

Cooking shows and kitchen products are my new porn. I'll go shopping and my heart starts beating fast as I'm coming up the escalators to the kitchen department at David Jones, or walking through the garish pink doors at Peter's of Kensington. I work myself up into a flurry, I heat up and go into overdrive. Once I hit that shop floor, I'm in heaven.

Kind of sounds like the shop-a-holics in Hong Kong, but geared towards high end fashion, rather than kitchen goods.

Today I watched the Macau episode of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. 2012 being the year of the dragon and all. I thought I'd get into the spirit, especially because there's so many Chinese New Year celebrations throughout Sydney (and the rest of Australia) over the month of February. Macau, sin city of the East.

This made me reminisce. 2009 seems so long ago. I was sent to Hong Kong and Southern China for work for a week. Considering we spent most of that time restricted to factories, we still managed to go out and take in the sights, smells and culinary delights Hong Kong has to offer. It helped that my colleague was stationed there for over a year already, so he knew all the places to take us to, including a day trip to Macau on our day off.

So I bust open my archive and bring you some highlights from that trip.

The aptly named porn star cocktail at a bar in a skyscraper in Kowloon, overlooking Hong Kong Island.

My friend Charmaine recommended we eat at Hutong, located in Kowloon with a freaking awesome view of Hong Kong Island. These guys specialise in contemporary Northern Chinese. Dress up and make a reservation.

Soft shell crab with whole roasted bell peppers. Spicy!

28th floor, Tsim Sha Tsui
T: +852 3428 8342

We also tried some Malaysian cuisine, this is whole crab with a curry sauce. Finger licking good!

 Then there's the street food vendors.

As far as skyscrapers go, Hong Kong you are my favourite. I've never seen such depth created by buildings ...but there's still a lot of places I haven't been to, so I could be surprised. The Peak gives the best view of the skyscrapers.

Don't forget your over bearing neon lights.

Your never ending underground passageways with travelators, your crazy traffic and double decker buses.

Macau only but a foggy, drizzly, misty memory of a few hours spent traipsing through your casinos. The words “Portuguese Tart” still echo in my mind. How I longed to eat you but we never made it to the old city so I could taste you. Next time…

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