Sunday, February 26, 2012

Café Sopra

"It's nice to have good Italian for a change" says my hubby. It's a bold statement by someone who rarely gets impressed by eating out.

Café Sopra is an old faithful like Mecca Espresso. You know what you're going to get and you go back for more. Consistency, simplicity, good quality.

The highlight was being able to taste and smell the freshness of the ingredients used.

We hit up Café Sopra on Danks St located above Fratelli Fresh at 1pm today. Although there were three groups in front of us, we waited no longer than 10 minutes to get a table; we barely had time to order a drink.

Straight to business: secure the table and peruse the floor to ceiling menu blackboard.

Review extensive wine list. Place food and drink order. Enjoy.

Frittata with goats curd and fresh basil $14.50

The goats curd melts over the soft frittata. This seems like a nice breakfast dish, a light main or a great side to share. It was filling yet light.

Meatballs with fresh tomato sauce, I think approx. $24.

I love how Fratelli Fresh share recipes, check out Italian Meatballs with Tomato Sauce. Considering how much my hubby enjoyed this dish, I'm planning on making it this week!

Fettucine with duck pancetta and sage ragu $24. If you like the gaminess of duck then you'll enjoy this dish.

I've been to the Danks St and Walsh Bay restaurants a handful of times and will keep coming back. If you enjoy the food and ambiance you can check out the other Café Sopra restaurants also located at Potts Point and Bridge St in the CBD. With so many trendy locations, how can you resist?

Bookings available only for the private rooms. For small groups and casual dining, works on a rock up and cross your fingers basis.

Café Sopra
T: 02 9699 3174

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