Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baffi and Mo is a no go

What the hell happened in the span of two months? This is what I should have asked the waitress this weekend just past, when we were at Baffi & Mo for breakfast. Birthday breakfast (I meant it when I said my birthday celebrations span over the month of Feb) fail. BOOOOOOOO!

The last time we ate there was early December. Sure we had a hang over so anything would have been great, but I know when something has flavour or not or if its cooked or not.

Potato hash stack, one of their signature dishes and what I normally get, sucked dogs balls. Badly. It even sucked dogs ass at the same time. The hash stack was soggy and uncooked in the middle, and there was no flavour whatsoever. Where's that crispyness I'd become so accustomed to? Seriously dude, ever heard of salt, or dressing on the salad?

To top it off we had to ask for our water twice. And they charged us for a coffee I never had. That's right, I refused to have coffee there because I didn't want to give them one more dime. Don't let my extraordinary photography fool you.

The other thing, Wagyu beef something or rather. Look, I couldn't even be bothered remembering the names of the dishes because we wrote this place off as soon as we dug into the tasteless food. They need to grade Wagyu in restaurants me thinks. This dish also had NO taste. And who burns toast? Bitch please.

Luckily all these factors made us get the f*ckety f*ck out of there and we went back to my new favourite coffee place...more details coming this week.

Baffi & Mo
94 Redfern Street
T: 02 8065 3294

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  1. It's gone downhill since the management changed and the new barista isn't great. I hope they pick up their act because they used to be fantastic. Last time I went I was so pissed off that my first coffee was practically all milk, and then they lost my second order, then they gave us two of the dish we ordered when we just wanted one to share. I just think they are cutting too many corners but trying to use the old template, both with the food and the service.

  2. That is so disappointing to hear! I remember going there a few years back and it was so wonderful. Looks like I have to go elsewhere for my breakfast digs.

  3. This is what happens when hillsong have anything to do with a business other than exploiting peoples faith for profit. they're stupendously good at that.