Monday, February 27, 2012

Duke Bistro

I ate here nearly a week ago and the thought of documenting the experience bored me. A direct reflection of the food I guess.

So I'll start by focusing on two great things.
  1. Convenient location next to Flinders Hotel; only a short bus ride from my house. 
  2. I finally got my catch up with my girlfriend JW for dinner.
The ambiance was romantic: dark with mood lighting.

The menu is varied and not too long. Note: check out their website for most updated menu, the one outside (below) is missing some dishes.

Fregola, corn and cornbread $16 is delicious. Three servings of that please!

If I had been to the deep American south, this dish would remind me of that. There's nothing better than mopping that goodness up with the cornbread, it's so comforting!

Now taste going forward on the dishes that follow...meh.

Roast Carrot, Smoked Yoghurt, Pistachio $12. We expected more in the taste department. Disappointed. I liked the presentation. The texture was interesting. Gotta give them points for trying to dress up badly roasted carrot.

A special on the night - szechuan fish with zucchini and brown butter $18. No heat whatsoever. Very buttery. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Not worth it.

Pork pancake with pineapple and curry mayo $28. There wasn't much pork in there, just a lot of dribbly chewy fat. Not happy Jan.

Drinks we consumed: peach champagne cocktails followed by white and red vino. Total bill $128, I was unimpressed and felt slighly jipped.

Staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. Drinks are good. I think this is a cool place to knock back the drinks and (maybe) get a few tapas plates to soak up the alcohol. By that stage you won't be able to taste the food anyway!

I'd go back for the Fregola alone. Simple shit is the best.

Duke Bistro
T: 02 9332 3180

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