Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St Jude

East Redfern is all the buzz. Ahem...it's not Redfern, it's "East" Redfern. Like the other side of the world where hobos don't wander or cause any trouble. Not since the horrific occurrence a few years back where some students were held at knife point in their third story apartment and tortured until one of them plunged to their demise off the balcony.

The locals don't talk about that freak occurence. I've said too much already. Anywho, on to happy things now.

St Jude opened its doors to the public on the third of January this year, it's the new kid on the block.

It has great things going for it, which this article covers here.

I love all those things plus it's leafy location, cool subdued yet bustling vibe, great coffee AND the pièce de rèsistance: they keep and serve their pastries warm. Simply crispy and delicious!! Again it's the simple things that bring me so much joy.

Latte and spiced apple pastry.

 Eco-friendly menu.

Funky place in a really pleasant location. Don't mind the creepy dolls. They were lost and just found their way here to rest their weary heads.

They have pastries, an extensive brekkie selection, sandwiches and salads for lunch. But remember: you don't make friends with salad. I hear their sandwiches are good, I'll be sure to hit them up for lunch one of these days.

St Jude
Corner Thurlow St & Bourke St
East Redfern
T: 02 9310 3523

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