Sunday, May 20, 2012

Santa Barbara: Metropulos

Sunny, warm, arty, relaxing. We spent the day in Santa Barbara, quickly realising there's not much to do in this holiday destination except take in some sunshine by the beach and drink wine. Both things I thoroughly enjoy.

We walked around the main beach then through the side streets that had plenty of wine tasting and surf shops. We came across a stone mason who was working on a massive piece of granite outside his workshop and we stopped to chat to him. He recommended we have lunch around the corner at Metropulos, a Greek deli that serves sandwiches.

Metropulos is a small specialty goods store that also operates a cafe. Amongst the stacked shelves you'll find a multitude of goodies from all over the world. Although it's a relatively small-medium sized store, you could spend hours trolling through the goods.

We ordered a chicken sandwich, the Californian salad and a glass of local Grenache. The glass of wine was generous and only $4! Gotta get some more of that.

The sandwich was good but the highlight was definitely the Californian salad. It had greens, dried apricots, pistachios, goats cheese, oversize croutons and it was dressed with a honey vinaigrette. It was California summer on a plate, couldn't get enough of it!

What was even better were all the locals hanging out and eating at the cafe, discussing various topics including university education, IT business, art and painting (I couldn't help but eavesdrop). It was a cool neighbourhood spot for a cheap and tasty lunch before we hit the road towards Los Angeles.

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