Tuesday, May 15, 2012

San Francisco: Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

Another institution is Blue Bottle Coffee Co. A "micro roaster of organic coffee".

Have I told you how much I love my mate Mike? He's the one that recommended we check this place out, him and my Wallpaper* guide. Mike reeks of San Francisco cool (he earned it as he lived there for some months) and any general kind of cool; he's a kid of cool.

It was refreshing, after a string of bad coffee experiences in the States last time we were here 1.5yrs ago, to have access to not only decent, but delicious and organic coffee. More importantly it was refreshing to know there's Americans out there that enjoy a good cup of authentic joe. None of that chain mass produced Starbucks toilet water they proudly declare to serve as coffee. I'm talking about the real deal. Real coffee beans roasted with tenderness and love, ground delicately (or not) and the caffeinated goodness extracted in an entertaining manner usually involving industrial machinery in a warehouse style set up and an aroma so alluring, a crowd so trendy, that you're lured into their pleasure den called a coffee house.

Having started out in Oakland using a tiny batch roaster, Blue Bottle Coffee Co. is now a juggernaut with several branches having opened up and operating throughout San Francisco and New York. They still stay true and committed to their manifesto of roasting using only vintage tools, being environmentally conscious by using compostable bags and getting the freshly roasted beans to their customers within 48 hours.

The verdict? It was good, real good for America. So good in fact, that they had two stalls setup at the Ferry Building organic markets on Saturday and they were both pumping with massive line ups. San Franciscans love their Blue Bottle and so will I whenever I'm in San Fran.

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