Tuesday, May 15, 2012

San Francisco: Mozzeria

I love Urbanspoon. Especially on holidays when I don't tolerate much room for food/dining error. I didn't travel around to the other side of the world to eat shit. I can eat shit in Sydney if I wanted to thank you very much! So any spiel or rant I may have made in the past about technology or social media or digital this or that taking over our world and changing the way we communicate, evil, bad, blah blah. Park it. Social has totally changed they way we engage and it has become abundantly clear to me during this particular trip, where I have loaded up my social and online capability to the max between iPhone, iPad and iPod. I am fully connected and integrated. I have information at the touch of my fingertips 24/7 (and especially in a place like the USA where wifi is free and readily available).

Social has given me the ultimate power as a traveller. It has enabled me to act like, in fact to be, a local. And ironically enough, as a tourist, that's all I ever wanted to be. I troll through Urbanspoon, Yelp and OpenTable like a machine. I will find where people have been going for years, what the local hotspot is and where the food is good, where it's bad and what some random dude ate three hrs ago and whether he liked it or not. This concept, as I think about it more and more, seems surreal. Long gone are the days of wandering aimlessly and giving a diner a "try". I'm on a mission and I won't stop until I get to my chosen food destination.

So it seems only fitting that we hit up Mozzeria in the Mission. This place is run by (what is the politically correct term?) - deaf people. There is no speech by the staff at Mozzeria. Sign language as a skill and mode of communication is a plus...alternatively as are really fast typing skills on your smartphone.

If not having their hearing is a penalty, then taste surely makes up for it tenfold. Every fucking dish (and drink), and I have to be crude to get my point across, was fucking finger licking mouth watering delicious! My hat off to the chef and pizza maker. I wish I went back there again before we left...

We ordered:
- gnocchi with pork ragu
- Italian sausage, fennel and caramelised onion pizza
- peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chip cookie sandwich
- tap Californian beer (my bad for not writing the brand, but I was too busy eating!)
- Californian Pinot Noir

The decor was simple yet trendy consisting of my favourite colour combination of red, black, white and grey. Plus the bonus of an in house fire pizza oven. I gotta get me one of those.

The staff were super friendly and sweet and even wrote down a welcome note "hello my name is Justin and I'll be your waiter tonight". We pointed at our menu choices and off our taste buds went on their delicious journey.

I'm not isolating dishes - they were all simply melt in your mouth.

If you're ever in San Fran, you must go there.

Mozzeria on Urbanspoon

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