Tuesday, May 15, 2012

San Francisco: Brenda's French Soul Food

Kiss my grits.

If you're ever going to walk through The Tenderloin, then make sure it's for Brenda's French Soul Food. I think the address is Civic Centre, but we wandered through the loin on a good day to get to Brenda's and had no trouble.

The menu is best described as Southern comfort food and apart from the well known food items such as omelette and eggs, it seemed quite foreign to me, by name at least.

I ordered a shrimp and goat cheese omelette with a side of grits and a butter cake. I'm totally naive when it comes to southern food and hence why I picked this place - because I really freaking wanted to try it! I'm bummed we don't have time to make it to the deep south of America on this trip, so Brenda's will have to do for now.

Grits, the native American ground corn dish, reminded me of some sort of really fine polenta. But it tasted creamier, milky with a distinct smell and flavour to it. It simultaneously disturbed me and comforted me. Weird sensation.

The butter cake was actually a really buttery scone that crumbled to pieces as soon as it was pierced. So soft, oily/buttery and tasty - straight to my already generous Greek hips!

Chris ordered a turkey Po'Boy which is basically a sandwich. It was salty, filling and tasty.

All the food was actually tasty, fresh and comforting.

I couldn't help but notice though the many overweight people eating at the restaurant...the food portions are very generous and they seemed to polish them off effortlessly. Hmmm I wonder why the obesity epidemic in the US then (and Australia now)?... but that's another topic. In the meantime, kiss my grits America, I'm not eating the giant portions you serve me anymore.

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