Wednesday, May 16, 2012

San Francisco: go green or go home

San Francisco is the mecca of recycling, organic, dogs and hairy armpits. Oh, and don't forget the food, all the glorious food!

With the state of California dishing out $1000 fines for littering, I can understand why San Fran is trying to go green. It's working, there's recycling bins everywhere (hotels, buses, streets) and I didn't see one person litter.

There's a lot of dogs in San Fran. It makes sense between the high gay population and the dot com boom where people are more career than family focused.

Organic is big. There's the organic farmers market by the ferry building on Saturdays, one on Market St on Sundays, then the stores Whole Foods and Bi-Rite, plus who knows how many other local ones. These are places where hippies unite, hug trees and feel generally good about the world because they're buying local, sustainable and in season.

I do love how the vegetables are all neatly lined up, presentation is great across all stores and markets. Australia needs to follow suit and up the ante.

I joined in at Bi-Rite by buying "Lucky Peach", the quarterly food publication conceived by David Chang and Peter Meehan and printed right here in San Fran. I left the tree hugging for our road trip down the California coast. And I always feel generally good about the world.


  1. Ahh memories! Loved those markets and that shop!! xo

  2. It's Claire btw ;)