Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I'm living the dream. Now that I'm unemployed, I have time to read the newspaper. I came across a great article in the smh yesterday but I was so busy socialising and accessing the free Internet and iPad provided by my local bank (yeah weird, but I had time to kill between appointments and I was too tight to pay for Internet on my iPhone), that I didn't get a chance to share until now.

Inspired by the turn the economy has been taking i.e. people having to be tightwads because they're losing their jobs, or live in fear of it happening, or never had a job to begin with, A Taste of Things to Come discusses various trends in eating. Interesting. Read it because I already do some of that shit and want to do more of it. Plus I can't be bothered repeating what the article already covers.

It did get me excited because it mentions two places I want to eat at: Nourishing Quarter in Redfern (I first read the review in The Thousands, my favourite iPhone app/website for reviews on where to eat and drink) specialising in vegetarian plus gluten free, and Heston Blumenthal's Dinner restaurant in London.

The article also inspired me to share some recycling ideas. I love these little French green peppercorn cans - after I used the contents I couldn't throw them away, so I turned them into tea light candle holders. NB: careful not to cut your fingers on the sharp edges. Dangerous, but they look great!

I also turned a tomato can and some old ribbon into a rustic vase. Looks great with some David Austin roses in it. You can also turn old tea cups or glasses into small pot plants which keep great with succulents in them, inside or outside your home.

P.S. someone should tell the Sydney urban beekeepers that Paris did it first on top of their Opera House.

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