Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Beginnings

With every ending there’s a new beginning. I bid adios to my corporate job in December 2011 (at least for the next 12 months, having taken a career break from the organisation) and became a Mrs. I didn’t leave my job because I got married, the timing just seemed to suit emotionally, career and calendar wise. Three’s a charm so it was time for a change.

First things first, I’ve had to get our inner city apartment organised. Due to our jobs and extracurricular activities, the two years we’ve been living there meant substantial neglect of our home and an accumulation of junk and paper and items jammed into cupboards and drawers. It was time to cleanse, reorganise and start fresh. So I started with my favourite room in our home: the kitchen.

We had a wedding registry at Peter's of Kensington and were lucky to receive lots of wonderful kitchen goods as gifts. I spent three days cleaning and reorganising the kitchen, as I envisioned that during my career break, this is where I would spend most of my time. When I worked full time it meant that I would only have time to cook a decent meal on weekends and that was only if I felt up to the task. On weeknights I wouldn’t get the chance to cook as often as I’d like to. Cooking is my escape where I get the opportunity to be passionate, creative and spontaneous. So getting back into the kitchen has been something I’ve been craving to do for a while. This process of reorganisation reminds me of any creative process, where although creativity is spontaneous, preparation and the engagement of a range of tools to be used for execution are required.

The kitchen is my studio and plate my canvas. My studio is ready, now it’s time to cook!

This is the bad boy my mother-in-law got me. A must for anyone who likes to bake!
I chose the Kenwood kMix for three reasons:
  1. sentimental (my mother has a Kenwood mixer); 
  2. quality and durability (she bought it 30 years ago); and 
  3. power (500-watt motor compared to KitchenAid which is only 300-watt).

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