Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Faithful - MECCA

One thing I miss about working in the city is the random cafes dotted around the place, waiting to be discovered. A lot don’t necessarily look good, but they dish out serious coffee and/or food. That’s what I love about the competition – makes them work harder. Well, some of them anyway.

Simplicity is king. Do something and do it well. MECCA falls into this category. Their staff retention is crazy too – they must get paid in gold, because the four years I’ve been going there, it’s been the same boys pumping out Sydney’s caffeine fix and smacking down the buttons on the register. These boys know their art and that’s the reason I keep going back. For the holiest of hollies: consistency and quality. Booyah. Great people watching spot too. 

Sit down, relax and watch the world go by. You should go. Do it.

MECCA Espresso
67 King Street, Sydney
(underneath the Grace Hotel), almost corner King and York Streets.

Thin and flat sourdough, exactly how I like it. No lock jaw action here!
Line ups are very common but they move quickly

Ultra creamy froth on my latte, silky goodness.
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