Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Australia Day peeps!

For yesterday. I was too drunk to write a post on the actual day. As my friend Gabrielle posted on her status on Facebook, "it wouldn't be 'Stralia day without a hangover". Here here. When I think (or Google) Australian traditional recipes, I get pavlova, lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. Don't forget the great Aussie BBQ. Fo' shizzle.

Our mate JP threw one yesterday to celebrate, well, Australia Day.  Highlights include everyone chipping in to prepare the food, Guitar Hero, Twister, dress ups, Australian flag tattoos, international food, lots of laughter and a collective of awesome people from all over the world: Canada, Taiwan, Columbia, England, Greece, Macedonia, New York, Australia and maybe some others I forgot because I had one too many.

Happy Australia Day from Captain Australia!

Pavlova has a lot of cream. Don't you know foamy lattes make me bloated and farty?! So that was a no go. I was sure the boys would have bought dozens of supermarket pre-packaged lamingtons (gasp horror they didn't make them from scratch) and I was right. So I made Anzac biscuits. My hubby was slightly confused because he thought I should make them for Anzac Day...but I advised him what a great all purpose biscuit the Anzac biscuit really is, situable for all Australian celebrations.

I used this recipe here and cross referenced it with several others. There didn't seem to be much deviation, in fact other recipes were identical. So I couldn't go wrong. They turned out a bit sweeter than I would have liked (keep in mind I'm anti excessive sugar usage and consumption) but WTF, they were still delicious, cute and demolished at the BBQ.

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