Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I made the most of being a lady of leisure today and lunched with my cousin V. Lunch turned into dessert and coffee, which lead us to home ware shopping on Devonshire St in Surry Hills. But I bore you with the details.

La Maison outlet on Devonshire St, Surry Hills. This mantra reminded me of how good Guinness is for blood deficiency (in oriental medicine terms).

All you need to know is Porcorosso opened up in my hood about three weeks ago. About time a decent pizza joint opened up close by, thank you food gods!! The authentic Italian eye candy running the joint makes matters even better. Damiano, one of the owners, tells me there's five of them that partnered up - mama mia!

Porcorosso only open for breakfast and lunch at this stage, but will probably start opening for dinner in the coming weeks. Might be worth giving them a call before making the trek. The pizza and perv are worth it. It's OK, I can say that. My husband and I have an understanding: we have eyes and we use them.

Prices are decent at approx. $20 for a pizza and $16-19 for handmade pasta.

YUM YUM YUMMETY YUM Pizza Due with tomato, smoked ham, mozzarella, wild mushrooms, artichokes and olives.

Get it in ya! Shweet thin base ala authentic Italiano style.
 Salads are limited but there's a great selection starting from $9 for the rocket.
Rocket with shaved parmigiano salad @ 9 smackaroonies. Oversized so good value for your dosh. Remember: you don't make friends with salad, so order more!
The space is cool, warehouse style with large sacks of flour and polenta on display to give it that authentic Italian edge, or whatever you want to call it.

The sacks are on the right hand side...imagine them. I promise they're there, trust me. I just liked the stripey chairs more.

Oh yeah and the name? It means Crimson Pig. I wonder if it was named after the Japanese anime film. This would describe the appearance of random Japanese ingredients like edamame on the menu. So strange it's cool.

Shop 4-5, 25/33 Allen Street, WATERLOO
Telefono N. 02 9698 2983

Love the oversize communal high table for a casual lunch or to suck down coffee whilst flicking through mags.

 I'm going tomorrow to try their coffee and perv some more. Giddy up.


  1. I work in an office nearby and took the advice.
    The coffee is so good it is costing me a fortune.
    I had a business lunch there and it was superb.
    Highly recommended.

    1. Hi, glad you like it! I've eaten there multiple times (a while ago now) and enjoyed it. I went back for coffee this week and it's still good...definitely the best in the area around Allen St.