Friday, August 9, 2013


Walking around my new neighbourhood I spotted my very agile 80-something year old German neighbour, Inge. She was making a bee-line for the local shops. She was a blur of floral, knitted cardigan and black opaque stockings, and I hardly recognised her. Now there’s a granny that’s not waiting around, she’s grabbing life by the horns. Every time I see her she’s gardening, washing, taking the rubbish out, spying on my car reversing skills (I drove over a patch of grass on a wet day and haven’t heard the end of it) or doing something else to keep herself busy.  

Just before I saw her I was contemplating what really old people do. Eighty odd years and then some. Oldies would have done and seen a lot. So after all is said and done, do they just hang around, waiting for death to come a knocking? Or are they living their life just as I do every day, trying to avoid the inevitable (taxes and death)?

Then as I was walking up the hill, puffed out, I saw Inge who pulled me out of my depressing reverie. At that moment I became determined to be as agile as she is at that age, perhaps even now! But it’s getting difficult. In this day and age we’re consumed with consumption. If we’re not stuffing our faces with (junk) food, then we’re watching way too much TV, being entranced by our digital devices and social media, or shopping online for more of the same thing we already have three versions of in our over-stuffed wardrobe.

So what’s the answer? For me its awareness. Choosing when I do those things and limiting (not eliminating) the exposure. Maybe I should take a leaf out of Inge’s book and do more gardening.

I’m thinking changes are afoot on this blog. Feeling a bit stale. I’m wanting to sharpen up my recipes and restaurant reviews to make them short, sweet and time effective. Also perhaps provide some parent-friendly food, culture and travel ideas as suggested by my friend Glynis a while back. Got any suggestions of what you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Before I sign off, I should preface this entry by addressing my ten month hiatus. I’ve been busy baking. I baked a baby bun in my uterus oven. It’s a girl. She’s super cute with a perfectly round bald head and dumbo ears; I want to eat her! And she’s quickly approaching three months. Time flies... in the meantime you can see all the deliciousness and places I visited during my hiatus on instagram and facebook.

Stay tuned, there should be something for all to consume…

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