Monday, March 5, 2012

Sydney Mardi Gras 2012

Happy Mardi Gras Sydney!!!
I could still hear the faint music of an after party in the background when I woke up yesterday. A lot of seedy people not having crawled into (their own) bed yet. We didn't dare venture down Oxford St to see the fall out.

We did brave the weather and crowds to attend the approximately 300K spectator strong parade on Saturday night though.

All the glitz, glitter, glamour and well...tackiness, did not disappoint. There were plenty of Kylie look-a-likes, celebrating the pop princess' 25 year music career and the fact that she was the headliner at the official after party held at the Entertainment Quarter. Oh yeah, plus she's like THE gay icon.

This year's theme was "infinite love". So it was no surprise that the crowd was generally well behaved, happy and insistent on volunteering to pose for photos.

The regular messaging prevailed and rightfully so, as well as this year's focus on marriage equality. I asked my gay couple friends that accompanied us what they think of Mardi Gras. They've been there, done that. What used to be a rally about human rights and equality, has now become a freedom parade, where all walks of life come together to express themselves.

Of course there were lots of pretty (and not so pretty) people to gawk at. These ladies went all out, they were just fabulous!

The following two were my muses. Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?

There was even a little something something for the plush animal lovers out there.

And when you got hungry? Which was inevitable by the end of the night. You had the aptly delivered "chips on a stick" to satisfy and soak up all that alcohol.

Thank you for a colourful night Sydney, you rock! 

Keep spreading the infinite love and equal rights to every human being on this planet no matter what gender, religion, sexual preference, race, age or choice of shampoo.

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