Thursday, March 8, 2012

La Banette

La Banette is a Food to Culture classic. One of my favourite boulangerie on this planet. It's not just about the food - I've had better pastries in Paris. It's the ambiance, it's the friendly smiles and "hello" and "see ya later" over the counter.

Originally started up in Avalon, they have premises in Glebe too. It's casual and it's at my doorstep so to speak - I aint travelling to Avalon. It was the stripped yellow and white awning that appealed to me the first time we came here years ago.

As you walk under the awning and through the dark entrance, not knowing what awaits you, you discover the delightful cabinet full of a myriad of sweet treats. Every time I come here I'm like Gretel stuffing my face on the witch's candy coated house.

You can even take a delicious loaf of bread home. La Banette has a great selection of sourdough, including a yeast free loaf.

Cosy, tight and jam packed full of sweet and savoury goodness.

My favourite is the cheese stick; it's in my nature to like long things. Crusty melted cheese layered over puff pastry and infused with chopped dill.

Oh yeah, this is the stuff dreams are made off.

They also do a mean almond croissant and great coffee. The barista knows his stuff and is super friendly, if you get the chance to chat with him. He came like third in a barista contest recently. Which makes me wonder...who came first and second?

La Banette
T: 02 8095 9688

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