Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nothing says Happy Easter better than a Greek Feast

It's Orthodox Easter weekend, Kalo Paskha everyone! Something to do with the religious calendar and moon, that's why it's on now and not last week (to coincide with Catholic Easter).

My friends and I have been discussing taking it in turns to host dinners with the focus being on our cultural background.

It was time I got back to my roots. I pulled out the big guns a couple of weeks back and got the party started.

Welcome to Angie's Greek Feast.

What better time to share it than Greek Easter?! Six guests in total, six bottles of wine ready to be decanted and four courses served.

  1. Hors D'Oeuvres: platter of olive tapenade, goats cheese and fresh organic sourdough bread
  2. Entree: Organic zucchini and haloumi fritters served with Greek yogurt
  3. Main: Lamb lemonato with chunky soft roasted lemon potatoes
  4. Dessert: Galaktoboureko
Lamb is the perfect Easter meat.

I marinated that puppy overnight with lemon, dried oregano and olive oil. The oregano and olive oil were  both from my mama's farm in South Australia (sourced via care package on my last trip to Adelaide).

In Greece the season is spring, so lots of fluffy little lambs are primed for slaughter (after they've grazed pastures and hopped along wide open fields and pranced around mountains of course) and the Easter feasts.

The olives had been picked in the winter just gone and would have had plenty of time to marinate. For this olive tapenade, I used Kalamata olives from my mum's farm. Yeah baby!

During spring, the goat's and sheep's milk is also the best and tastiest, so although our seasons here in Australia are opposite, I used this as inspiration for serving the goat's cheese, making the haloumi and zucchini fritters and serving the yogurt.

The galaktoboureko is the perfect finishing off dessert, which is predominantly an egg, milk and semolina custard, with flaky filo pastry and a sugar syrup.

It cuts the extreme lemoniness of the lamb and potatoes deliciously. Plus its my second all time favourite childhood sweet (the first being walnut and honey cake) that my mum made, so I was determined to perfect it. Mission accomplished. Fuck yeah I rock.

Happy Greek Easter everyone, get it in ya!

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